Software Products CRMS (Campus Resource Management System)

CRMS is software designed exclusively for educational institutions. It’s a technology solution for better education management. It replaces the mundane, conventional, manual methods of documentation that are tedious and time consuming. Centralized database – integrates all the data and processes in an educational institution. Storing, accessing and retrieving information becomes easy, quick and hassle free.

It’s a single platform for students, teachers, administrators and management to share. It streamlines the institute’s functioning.


For Teachers

  • Easily store, access and updated student information
  • Feed and calculate attendance.
  • Generate reports
  • Collaborate with other educators or developed lesson plans virtually from anywhere.
  • For Parents

      • Can view/alert to absences, grades, fees, assignments, school events etc and to check academic progress of the child.

    For Students

      • Track their performance in class, find out grades and marks obtained
    • Receive assistance outside the classroom

    For Administrator

      • Effectively manage administration functions-admission process, fees collection, answer queries etc.
    • Formulate Time-table
    • Access student demographics whenever required.
    • Clear communication with teachers, management, students and other members in the institution

    For Management

      • Exhaustive information about students and staff.
    • Effectively manage the entire school or college from library to finance and from stores to bus fleet.

    Features of CRMS

        1. Student Registration          8. Payroll
        2. Admission Process               9. Asset Management
        3. Attendance Details            10. Accounts
        4. Enrollment Services           11. Time-Table
        5. Classroom Activities           12. Performance Evaluation  
        6. Transportation 13 Reports
        7. Library Management          14. Secured data

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