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Hadron Techs education inventiveness offers services that provide accountable experienced management of customer's IT operations to prop up an environment of performance aptness. For various institutions needing to efficiently augment or strategically source IT support, we provide a range of onsite and remote IT services to help them to achieve their goals. We take responsibility for explicit functions or entire IT operations.
Under Higher Education Initiative, we provide solutions consisting of both products and services that increase the level and quality of overall process. Hadron Techs higher education initiative also provides training and 24x7 support services to help customers achieve their desired objectives.


Hadron Techs offers the following Products and Services under Higher Education Initiative:

  • Campus Resources Management, Deployment, Maintenance, Upgrade and Support Services
• Student Information Management
• Financial Management
• Human Resources Management
• Administrative Application Management
• Hostel Management
• Consulting and Implementation Services
• Training Services
• Support Services
• Enterprise Automation and Business Process Re-Engineering Services
• 24x7 Help Desk Services

Hadron Techs provides CRMS® solution along with distinct technology solutions for the educational Sector. This solution facilitates various campus related activities to come under one platform thereby cutting down avoidable overheads, time and administrative problems.

Salient features

• Easily customized according to the present and future requirements
  • Offers better services to students, staff, approaching students, parents, etc
  • Maintains all type of data and information and provides significant, reliable, and appropriate data and information to end users
  • Reduces the operational cost by saving stationery and other costs. Also promotes competence by switching paper procedures to electronic form
  • Technology infrastructure becomes more effective and flexible, introduces new systems in the organization, which enhances the working culture
  • Offers convenient online communication, connects multiple divisions and campuses, and supports your daily operations

The use of Student Information System will enhance student retention ratio as well satisfaction. It will improve the overall performance of an organization with more agile environment.

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