IT Infrastructure Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is an interconnected group of computer systems. The Internet is an advanced network infrastructure, in which individual systems access a global network, and allows access using web standards and protocols, most commonly framed as web addresses or URLs. Configuration are done from individual networked computers to routers, cables, wireless access points, switches, backbones, network protocols, and network access methodologies.

A network can be fabricated for four machines that involve one router and several network cables. The Internet can replace a corporate infrastructure that links offices in different locations, but only under proper conditions. If each office has a router to connect to the Internet, a site-to-site virtual private network, or VPN, can connect the two sites over the Internet.

They can operate over wired or wireless network connections, or a combination of both. Network infrastructure consists of one or more computers, a network or Internet connection, and a hub to both link the computers to the network connection and tie the various systems to each other. The hub merely links the computers, but does not limit data flow to or from any one system.

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